Corporate law, M&A
Civil law, commercial law (law of contracts /
legal status of civil organizations)
Administrative law
Real estate law
Labour law
Data privacy / IT Law
Intellectual property
Sports law
Others / Various


Fest & Partner Attorneys at Law consists of attorneys-at-law and employees of excellent knowledge and professional, business and other experience gained in international law firms during many years of professional work.

Our Law Firm provides legal counselling in all fields of the world of business and business (commercial) law and in respect of cross-border (international) legal matters and legal actions in close cooperation with several other European law firms.

The services offered and rendered by the Law Firm are guaranteed by the outstanding professional and linguistic skills of our colleagues, within those our colleagues provide legal counselling by using the English, the German, the Italian legalese. Beyond the international experiences and besides their general legal knowledge, our colleagues have deep industry experience in order to meet the Clients’ high expectations.

The Law Firm provides its Clients with well-founded, high quality professional services which primarily meet the international requirements.

Our Law Firm – in line with the international standards and the requirements of multinational Clients – disposes over a professional insurance policy providing an insurance coverage up to several millions of EUR on annual base and for each case.

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